Dear friends we are going to start SWARNA PARASHANA at our center with a noble aim of making our young generation healthy and intelligent by using ancient ayurvedic tested methods of swarna parashana.

SWARNA PARASHANA is an old traditional Ayurvedic system of medicine specially made for children for the age group between 1 day to 5 years only.
This will produce non-specific immunity in child & many other benefits also, like
 Increases immunity
 Increases intellect
 Increases memory power
 Increases learning capacity

According to Ayurveda:
If swarna parashana is done for 1 month the then the child will be parama medhavi & remains disease free.
If done for 6 months then the child will be shruta dhara ( remembers what he hears).

Interested parents may contact us for per-appointment.

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