Dear Friends,

“Ayurveda” the science of life is the most ancient of all forms of medicine, laying emphasis on the maintenance of positive health of an individual, in the most holistic way. Ayurvedic lifestyle provides both prevention and cure from the diseases. Even due to its natural goodness; Ayurveda was in abeyance for centuries and was sometimes regarded only as an alternative form of medicine. However the world has slowly started to take note of its limitless possibilities in treating various complicated diseases where other medicinal systems fail to deliver.

The compulsions of modern age make us to leave in an environment detrimental to our health. Harmful toxins, radiations find their way into our body and faulty eating habits all contribute in the process. The ever-increasing sedentary lifestyle leads to poor blood circulation and blockage of energy pathways and opens doors for many diseases.

Ayurveda though ancient, is yet, sophisticated and advanced in its approach. Its various methods enable us to reach the root cause of the diseases and start the healing process. The ‘Panchakarma’ does complete cleaning of the body at the cellular level leading to complete detoxification and when the medicines in various forms are given to the body; its response to them is highly satisfying slowly bringing vitality to the body We at Veda Panchakarma Institute at Gorakhpur follow all the strict procedures and methods prescribed in ancient ayurvedic texts in treating our patients, helping them regain a healthy mind, body and soul.

Ayurveda welcomes you,

Veda Panchakarma Team.